Volunteering Opportunities & Job Vacancies

Volunteering Opportunities

We desperately need volunteers from the community to support our bereaved families at a very difficult time for them, activities such as:

  • supporting the families with the paperwork process
  • supporting with Ghusl
  • supporting the burial process at the cemetery

if you would like to get involved to gain the reward for this blessed act please send your expressions of interest to :




TypeFull time/Part Time
Salary RangeNegotiable
LocationStafford Muslim Prayer Hall, 17-19 Greyfriars place, Stafford, ST16 2SD
Reporting toSMPHC Committee
Role SummaryTo take responsibility of the religious, and educational affairs of Stafford by providing Islamic guidance, practices and leadership to the Muslim community of Stafford according to the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace and blessings be upon him).

Due to the upcoming retirement of the current Imam, Stafford Muslim Prayer Hall are looking for an Imam on a full time/part time basis, We are aware that in the current climate prospective Imams need to have alternative employment to manage expenses, so we welcome all expressions of interest.

If a potential Imam could cover the main Prayers (Taraweeh/Eid Salaah/Janaazah Salaah/Madrassa at weekends this would also be welcomed.

About Stafford Muslim Prayer Hall

Stafford Muslim Prayer Hall is the only mosque in Stafford.  Established in 2007 we serve the local community of Stafford and surrounding villages.

The prayer hall has good links with all religious groups in the area and is proud to be the centre of inter-community relations.

The prayer halls primary objective is to act as a place of worship for the Muslims in Stafford and all visitors passing through.

Users of the prayer hall come from all walks of life and varying ethnic backgrounds. It is a strict policy of the prayer hall to allow people from all muslim ethnic and religious lines to use the facilities that it provides.

 Vision: To promote – Firm Faith, community cohesion, and beneficial knowledge.


To continue the message of Islam (Dawah) through:

  • Beneficial services to support the needs of our community.
  • Spreading useful and beneficial knowledge to educate our community.
  • Supporting community growth and development
  • Inspiring charitable work with Ehsan (excellence).


  • Provide services to our Muslim community equally, regardless of race, age or gender.
  • Provide services that fall within the vision and mission statement.
  • Work with the wider community on Dawah and Charity work to tackle Islamophobia and to spread community cohesion.
  • Improve and build on SMPHC financial sustainability.

The Ideal Candidate

SMPHC is looking for an educated, experienced, skilled and inspirational Imam on a full-time or part time basis to undertake the duties as an Imam of Stafford muslim prayer hall.

An Imam is a religious leader of the community and a person who leads the daily prayers. SMPHC is looking for a charismatic person who has both Islamic knowledge, sound communication and leadership skills to take the responsibilities of religious, and educational affairs of SMPHC. 

The candidate will be expected to be an active member of the executive team and act as a spiritual guide and representative of the congregation. There is an expectation on the Imam to establish himself by leading Islamic activities and worship as well as to generate new ideas and initiatives.

Duties, responsibilities, and candidate requirements

Duties and Responsibilities

● Lead the 5 daily prayers and deliver the Friday sermons.

● Conduct all other prayers as required such as funeral prayers.

● Conduct matrimonial services including marriages and divorce.

● Provide daily Islamic/qur’anic classes.

● Offer families, youth, reverts counselling and guidance as needed.

● Work with SMPHC Board of Trustees on fundraising programmes.

● Participate in interfaith activities.

● Carry out any other duties that may reasonably be required.

Character and Competencies

● Willingness and ability to work as part of a team

● English speaking, reading and writing

● Flexibility

● Leadership

● Patient and receptive

● Communication skills, including oral presentation and writing

● Interpersonal and networking skills

● Innovative

Essential Knowledge and Qualifications

●Memoriser of the Qur’an (Hafidh Al-Qur’an) or working towards it.

● Good knowledge of Islamic Shari’ah, Hadith and Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

● Able to prepare and deliver coherent and relevant Khutbahs.

● Teacher of Qur’an; Tajweed, Tafsir, Hadith, Sirah and Fiqh.

● Fluent in both English and Arabic (spoken, written, reading)

Desirable Knowledge and Qualifications

● Holds a recognised Ijazah qualification

● Fiqh – good familiarity with contemporary issues that relate to present day society.

Application Procedure

● Cover Letter

● Copy of Certificates

● Trial Khutbah & Lecture

● Email CV to : enquiry@staffordmuslimprayerhall.co.uk

● Interview

● References