Mosque Visits

We at Stafford Muslim prayer hall welcome all those who would like to learn more about the religion or even have a tour of the prayer hall. The prayer hall already welcomes the scouts and children from the local school as part of their religious education curriculum. We feel that it is a great way for people to understand more about the religion and more importantly their Muslim community.

If you would like to arrange a visit then please contact the Stafford Muslim prayer hall via e-mail at: or fill out the contact form.

Important Information for visitors


The main entrance to the Stafford Muslim Prayer Hall can be accessed from the gate on Greyfriars place. You will enter the mosque via the shoe room. The shoe room is divided into 2 areas denoted by the different coloured carpet. Please ensure that shoes are removed whilst still on the black entrance carpet. Please do not walk on the red carpet whilst still wearing your shoes. Once you have removed your shoes, pick them up and place them in the shoe racks situated around the shoe room. Please do not leave your shoes on the floor. A representative from the Mosque will be available who will guide you into the mosque once you have removed your shoes.


Please ensure that anyone attending the Mosque is wearing clean socks and there is no dirt on your trousers (after all children are magnets for playground mud and dirt). There is no dress code or restrictions for guests visiting a mosque but we ask that you dress modestly. Likewise it is not compulsory for ladies to cover your hair but you may wish to do so out of respect for a place of worship. Please be advised that women on their menstrual cycle should not enter the mosque.


No food or drink can be consumed whilst in the Mosque, including chewing gum. We are able to provide rooms for the consumption of packed lunches, but this must be arranged in advance and is only available for groups travelling a long distance to visit the Mosque.


We are very proud of the Stafford Muslim Prayer Hall and visitors are impressed with its size and beauty. You are welcome to take pictures, draw pictures of the Mosque and to use a camcorder.

Active Mosque

The Mosque remains busy during the day providing religious and community services for the Muslim community. We ask visitors to be aware of people who may be engaged in prayer or carrying out acts of worship. We ask that you do not raise your voice or run whilst in the mosque.

Visit Arrangements

We would be grateful if you could inform the Mosque as soon of possible if you are unable to keep your booking, running late or wish to postpone your visit for another day.

Please contact the Stafford Muslim Prayer Hall via email at with any questions.